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Mount-gtk is a front end for udisks and mount. It provides a means of mounting devices with udisks through a graphical interface. It is intended for use whenever automounting facilities are not desired or are not effective. It is built as a single-instance program: if the user attempts to start it when another instance of it is already running, the existing instance will be brought up on the current desktop. It will therefore not usually be necessary to mark it as displayable on all desktops.


RSS Recent releases

  •  01 Jun 2013 23:30

    Release Notes: The program now compiles against the 2.2 series of c++-gtk-utils. A Brazilian-Portuguese translation has been added.

    •  19 Apr 2013 21:53

      Release Notes: A number of minor interface improvements and fixes have been made.

      •  26 Jan 2013 23:11

        Release Notes: This is the new stable branch, now that udisks2 is stable.

        •  06 Aug 2012 20:53

          Release Notes: Minor code clean-ups.

          •  03 Jul 2012 23:13

            Release Notes: A number of minor improvements and fixes have been made.


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